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🌿 Welcome to Hakkō House! 🌿

Nestled in to the woodlands of Marston Park, you can find our family-run, Japanese restaurant. Housed in a converted shipping container overlooking the peaceful lake, we bring you a unique dining experience with beautifully crafted and thoughtfully made, authentic Japanese food.

When we say family-run, we mean it literally. You'll often find us with a baby in arms and another daughter running wild through the woods. Family is the core of what we do, and we use recipes passed down from our ancestors with a modern twist to bring you the best Japanese dining experience.

At our restaurant, we are passionate about good food and authentic recipes. We believe that food shouldn't just taste delicious, but should also leave you feeling better after you've eaten it. Our ingredients are carefully sourced and the dishes we create are a fusion of traditional Japanese cuisine and modern techniques. So come and join us in the woods for an unforgettable dining experience, where family and food come together in perfect harmony.

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